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BASEBYTE integrates technical expertise and global insight to infuse industry best practices into every project. Our consultants and project managers are trained on the latest project management models; our programmers use the most up-to-date software and programming technologies; our management team keeps itself abreast of trends, news, and information that will enhance the quality of our output. We use only the best and most appropriate technology to deliver the solutions and the results that you require.

Our best practices are anchored on these principles:

Experience, Expertise, and Technical Superiority

  • We bring a track record of success and solid client references into every project that we undertake.
  • All our projects are handled by experienced staff who have been trained on the latest knowledge and technology in their respective fields.
  • We begin each project with parallel development systems that can later on be merged for increased efficiency and collaboration; and we always test fresh waters with pilot projects.

Your business is as important to us as it is to you, and so we will neither take uncalculated risks nor make hasty decisions that may hurt your organization in the long run.

Efficiency and Responsibility

  • We set up and test communication infrastructure early in the engagement to avoid collaboration problems, using such cost-effective communication technologies as instant messaging (IM) and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to maximize available resources.
  • We use a phased (or modular) approach to project delivery, ensuring our adherence to technical and functional specifications during each phase of the project. We test early, and we test often, eliminating potential minefields before they explode.
  • We maximize all available knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Transparency, Accountability, and Client Control
We know you don't like surprises when it comes to your projects, and so we work to ensure that all aspects of project implementation are discussed and managed before they cause problems.

  • At the beginning of each project engagement, we define, specify, and clarify our scope of work, setting measurable service levels and quantifiable objectives in all our contracts.
  • We collaborate closely with our clients and maintain clear and open lines of communication, setting regular meetings and reviewing engagements periodically to maintain win-win relationships.
  • We provide complete documentation of the project management process, ensuring that you would know what has transpired and what to expect every step of the way.
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