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Our first step in implementing a custom web or software solution is making a proper and complete assessment, its target audience, and its expected life; other models and applications that are currently in circulation; competitor applications, restrictions, and limitations of existing systems. All these factors influence the requirements analysis and the consolidation of the solution that you will ultimately use.

We ensure that your requirements are correctly assessed and diagnosed, paving the way for correct prototyping and proper implementation.

A prototype represents a "model" of the actual solution that we will develop for you. Through this, you will be able to visualize your required solution and get a first look at its general workflow and its overall look-and-feel.

Construction and Implementation
This stage marks the culmination of the solution design and architectural process. A critical phase in which the design ideas and requirements are given a tangible and perceptible shape, it involves a close and tightly-knit feedback loop which comprises the following:

  • superior workmanship and code documentation
  • a focused interaction between the client and BASEBYTE's team of programmers, and designers
  • validation and the implementation process
  • intuitive improvisation where and when needed
  • an incremental demonstration of the solution for the Client to review and to analyze
  • development of accurate and relevant test plan strategies
  • custom reporting and data mining systems
  • maintaining source code integrity through effective code versioning

User Acceptance Testing
In this stage, BASEBYTE walks you through the developed solution, enabling you to take control of and to launch your new application. We will ensure that your team leaves this stage fully equipped to manage all processes related to your new software because, ultimately, our success depends on our ability to respond to your needs.

In this stage, BASEBYTE will deploy your solution to the appropriate production environment (either on-site or locally).

In cases where you will require in-house or third-party handling of your solution's deployment, you can still count on our team of consultants provide expert assistance.

Maintenance and Updates
Our services do not end with the deployment of your required solutions. As all web and software applications require periodic maintenance, BASEBYTE provides maintenance and update services that usually involve annual maintenance, maintenance on a per-need basis, and emergency technical support.
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